About Us

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Our Approach

You could  call it "a calling".

JC Brawlers  is about giving the area boys and girls a chance to experience a positive atmosphere of what is a really tough sport but grows them mentally and physically.  The kids tend to have a higher confidence to deal with rest of life situations.

Our Story

So do you have a young child ages 4 - 12 that has seen some wrestling or have an older sibling that involved and they just can't wait to get old enough to get after it themselves?  Well that is how JC Brawlers started too. It's a family thing.

Meet the Team

Wrestling is family thing. Each wrestler that walks through the door and gives the mat a try, becomes part to that family.  ( There are other helpers not pictured)

Chris prof

Chris Dobry

Head Coach


Nate Lehman



Jacob Dobry


Next Steps...

Come out for a mat night and see what you think.  You can talk to any of the coaches directly but it is best to just come join in.