League Registration is for 2019-2020.

Please contact us for more information

 2019-2020 registration and payment:

Step 1

  • Online registration form per wrestler:

Click for Registration form 

Step 2 (required) Note: if you already completed this online for our summer camp, you don’t have do it again.

  • 2019-2020 CCPS Concussion & Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)Parent/Athlete Acknowledgement Statement:

Click for Concussion form

Step 3

  • Payment via PayPal for 1 wrestler at a time: $70
  • The above fee covers participation in the Southern Maryland Junior Wrestling League (SMJWL) Saturday league
  • Note: There is an additional opportunity for kids to wrestle in the Capital Area Wrestling League (CAWL) Sunday league.  Team is currently raising funds to offset our first year in CAWL to reduce the cost for families this season.

Click for Payment

Step 4

  • Register and pay for Limited Folkstyle USAW ID: $15

You will want to join as an athlete
Click to purchase USA Wrestling Card

NOTE:  Below are average additional separately paid costs:

$70-$80 Uniform
(Singlet or 2-piece compression shirt/fight shorts)

$50-$80 Wrestling shoes

$40-$60 Wrestling headgear


$20-$30 Hair cap (for long hair)

$50-$100 Extra team appeal (t-shirt, hoodie, bags, etc)


$40-$60 knee pads

Option Payment

Payment for multiple wrestlers or additional club donations:

Multi wrestler or donation 

If you have filled out your registration form,  paid your registration and ordered your card, then your set to start out.


We will let you know when the uniform ordering is available.