League Registration is for 2021-2022.

Please contact us for more information

 2021-2022 registration and payment: All links are now updated

Step 1

  • Online registration and payment form per wrestler:
  • Payment via PayPal for 1 wrestler at a time: $70
  • The above fee covers participation in the Southern Maryland Junior Wrestling League (SMJWL) Saturday league

Click for Registration form

Step 2 (required) 

  • 2021-2022 CCPS Concussion & Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)Parent/Athlete Acknowledgement Statement:

Click for Concussion form

Step 3

  • Practices: Register and pay for AAU Sports Extended (AB) Membership: $16
  • Tournaments/Competition: Register and pay for Limited Folkstyle USAW ID: $20

NOTE:  Below are average additional separately paid costs:

Click here to order uniforms and apparel 

$70-$80 Uniform
(Singlet or 2-piece compression shirt/fight shorts)

$50-$80 Wrestling shoes

$40-$60 Wrestling headgear


$20-$30 Hair cap (for long hair)

$50-$100 Extra team appeal (t-shirt, hoodie, bags, etc)


$40-$60 knee pads

Option Payment

Payment for multiple wrestlers or additional club donations:

Multi wrestler or donation 

If you have filled out your registration form,  paid your registration and ordered your card, then your set to start out.